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Data Policies
Designed for Humans

The simplest tool for startups and small businesses to create and manage custom policies for their websites and applications.

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How It Works

Easy to set up. Simple to manage. Just select the plan that fits your business needs and we'll guide you through generating your custom data privacy center and policies.

Customize Your Policies & Terms

Begin by creating your Company Profile and customizing your policies, terms and settings.

Custom branding available for Business Plan only.

Embed the Link in Your Website or App

Once you're ready, connect your Pulse Privacy terms and policies by adding a unique link and/or embed code to your website or app.

That's it! Customers will be able to access your custom Privacy Center and all of your terms and policies.

Get Notified of New Compliance Req's

Get email notifications anytime there is a major update to data privacy regulations that may require you to update your policies and terms.

Update Once, Updated Everywhere

As your business grows and your data privacy needs change, easily manage and update your terms and policies using Pulse Privacy's simple account dashboard.

Why Pulse?

Data Privacy Made Easy

Pulse Privacy is the simplest way to deliver a world-class data privacy experience for customers and protect your business, in just a few easy clicks.

  • 1. Create Your Custom Policies
  • 2. Add the Policy Center to Your Website or App
  • 3. Get Notified When Regulations Change

Good for Customers.

Give customers a reason to trust your company by making it easy to understand how you use their data.

Good for Business.

Safeguard your company's future and enhance customer relationships with transparent practices and policies.

Good for Everyone.

Join the growing movement of businesses leading the way toward a better future through technology.

Why Pulse Privacy?

Simply Valuable.

Pulse Privacy is the simplest way to deliver a world-class website policy experience for customers and protect your business, in just a few easy clicks.

Eliminate the Costs of Data Privacy

Save thousands a year in legal and website costs required to keep up with data privacy regulations on your own.

Enhance Your Reputation

Deliver world class data privacy that goes beyond "basic compliance" to protect your business and its reputation.

Build Customer Trust and Lasting Loyalty

Build customer trust and lasting loyalty with a better privacy experience that your customers will notice.

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