Data Privacy Impact Assessment & Guidance

Pulse Policy helps companies generate strategic value through automated, impact-focused data privacy audits and risk-based operational guidance

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People are Demanding Change and Lawmakers are Responding

Small- to medium-sized businesses need a more effective way to navigate the additional layers of bureaucracy.


More Privacy Legislation

In 2018, there were two laws enacted or proposed in the United States. In 2021, there are now 27 states on board.


More Fines Each Year

When laws were first enacted, regulators needed to learn what to look for. Now they know and they're acting faster than ever.


Estimated Costs

The state of California estimates that federal privacy law would cost businesses upwards of $120B to adapt.

Why Pulse?

Automate Your Data Protection Office in 10 Minutes or Less

Select the plan that fits your business needs and we'll guide you through the rest. Easy to set up. Even simpler to maintain.

  • 1. Tell us about your company and its digital operations.
  • 2. Add the link to your Policy Center in the footer of your Website or App.
  • 3. Get notified when regulations change or when we identify ways to improve data privacy and protection for your organization.

Good for Customers

Give customers a reason to trust your company by making it easy to understand how you use their data.

Good for Business

Safeguard your company's future and enhance customer relationships with transparent practices and policies.

Good for Everyone

Join the growing movement of businesses leading the way toward a better future through technology.
What's The Value?

Time, Money, and Stress

Implementing and managing proper data protection and legal compliance across splintered jurisdictions is costing the average small- to medium-sized company between $25,000 and $150,000 and three (3) to six (6) months of production effort, according to a recent report from the State of California, Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General.

Eliminate the Costs of Data Protection

Save thousands of dollars in legal fees and months of production time required to keep up with data privacy regulations on your own.

Get Automated Data Protection Advice

Deliver users a world class data protection experience that both protects your business and keeps your company ahead of the law.

Build Long Lasting Customer Trust

Build customer trust and lasting loyalty with a better privacy experience that your customers will appreciate.

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