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June 25, 2021


We value your privacy and protection above else. Explore our privacy center to learn more about what's going on within our product and service experiences.

Video Overview

When it comes to build trust and being transparent about data privacy, it's simpler to say what we will never do with your data. Here is a list of things we promise to never do with your data

Data Protection Summary

There are more technical details going on behind the scenes of every technology company than most people ever realize. The information below is a good summary, and you can view our policy library for more details.

Cookies & Trackers

Facebook Pixel
Allows Facebook to track you across the internet
Google Analytics
Gives Google insights to web behavior across more half of the web.
Number of Ad Trackers
Many companies host ad trackers on their site. Some are voluntary some are out of the business' control.
Number of Third-Party Cookies
Third-party cookies are not always bad but can, depending on the cookie, be malicious
Trackers Evading Cookie Blockers
Most companies have no idea they're hosting cookies that are evading your cookie blockers
Session Recording Services
These tools are used to understand and improve your experience but can also be malicious
Keystroke Capture Services
These tools track each keystroke you take while on the site. Many companies have no idea they've allowed this

Third Party Access

Third-Parties w/ Access
These third parties help us provide services we couldn't otherwise.
Third-Parties w/ Data Breach
Many companies don't even realize if or how many companies have had a breach

Data Security & Ownership

Password Management
Using a password management service ensures our work is more secure for us and you
Two-Factor Authentication
Multiple points of ID ensure access is securely controlled and helps prevents hacks.
Digital Asset Ownership
True data ownership is difficult at this point in history but we're trying our hardest

Our Promise to You

When it comes to building trust and being transparent about data privacy, it's simpler to say what we will never do with your data. Here is a list of things we promise to never do with your data

No items found.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure about what you just read? Join the crowd. Below are a few of the most common questions we get:

Can trackers evade the blockers I have set up?

Do 'human-readable" policies put my business at greater risk of legal action?

In short, no. Here's why:

Lawyers have spent years perfecting the legal documents that now control our world. The problem is the majority of us are unable to understand any of the policies without lawyers.

The current state of legal policy is a world built by lawyers for lawyers–so complicated the average person depends on the legal system. This has created a costly impact on society that we believe needs to change.

Any policies, contracts or other legal documents created by Pulse are just as descriptive but use more human readable language. We believe this actually creates better clarity, description and, hence, more protection.

By default, all policies are written to be understood by the average person. We also have built our policies to be visual and interactive so that information is given in digestible chunks within the context of your interactions. This makes policies even easier to understand, engage with, and thus easily to provide consent.

So no, your business will not be a greater risk legally. In fact, we believe your business will be set up for even greater success because people trust you.

What benefits do companies get from my data?

Additional Answers

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